Lap at Daytona with iRacing

2014 BMW Motorsport junior of the Year


24h of Nurburgring first lap BMW M235i Racing


ZANDVOORT: Incar video
FIA GT3 Zandvoort 2011

Team/Car: Fischer Racing Ford GT40. Here is some laps in the beginning of the race 2. I really tried to pass Jan Heylen, but he made no mistakes.. I Hope you like it too!


MANTORP: Racing @ CamaroCup
Sweden incar video

Please have a seat. Have you ever a been at Mantorp.
Always a pleasure – this time I had quite nice battle with Jan Magnussen.



See the new Camaro lap record
via incar video @ Ahvenisto

This incar video is from one of last summer´s races driven in one my favourite tracks – the Ahvenisto. At third lap I managed to drive the CamaroCup´s lap record: 1:22:228. Cheers!